Heart Toward Heaven

I'll Be Seeking You


The Old Rugged Cross

Hard To Say

As Far As His Name


One of the first songs which came to me.  It is a compilation of the Holy Scriptures with shades of the Beatitudes.  It has an ethereal feel to it which brings the listener into the presence of the Lord.  It is my hope that people will be comforted by the Scripture verses and soothing melody.


Seeking You:

This song is about seeking after God throughout the good and bad times.  It has a contemporary sound to it with a smooth tempo.


Heart Toward Heaven:

This upbeat song is about trying to describe heaven in a Pop version way.  Catchy melody and lyrics which will lift your day.


Old Rugged Cross (Rendition):

When I sat down and wrote this song, I asked the question, what type of song would bring the most glory to God?  What can be better than to tell the story of what Jesus did for us on the Cross?  There is no greater story.  With many of the old hymns being brought back in contemporary versions, I had noticed that no one had made a new version of the Old Rugged Cross.  Being that it was I had this inspiration on Good Friday, I sat down and received the melody and lyrics in just over an hour.


Hard to Say:

The inspiration for this song came over a period of time I spent walking along the beaches of the beautiful Gulf Coast.  I had written it for a movie soundtrack about young love.